Regional Development Australia - Kimberley
Regional Development Australia - Kimberley

Who Are RDAK

RDA Kimberley is guided by six Committee members representative of community, Local Government and State Government and day to day operations are managed by an Executive Officer. All appointments to the RDA Kimberley Committee are made by the Minister for Regional Development and Infrastructure. Appointments are usually made for a fixed term, with Committee Members drawn from the community, business, and Local and State Government agencies. Committee Membership is voluntary and no sitting fees are paid, although reasonable travel expenses are reimbursed.

Graeme Campbell, Chairperson--- Graeme Campbell

Upon leaving school Graeme joined the National Australia Bank and had five managerial positions before going into business for himself, in the areas of hotel club management, and caravan park proprietorship. He has been heavily involved in tourism.  Moving to Broome in the Kimberley of Western Australia in 1995, Graeme became a Broome Shire Councillor in 2003 and was Shire President from May 2005 till December 2015.

Graeme is currently a member of the Kimberley Regional Planning Committee and the Regional Roadwise Committee. He is also Chair of the local Roadwise panel, member of the Kimberley Infrastructure Planning Group, and board member on the Kimberley Development Commission.  Graeme is also the independent chair of the Liquor Accord, a member of the Independent Public School Cluster board, and a member of the WA Regional Cities Alliance.

Elsia Archer, Deputy Chairperson--- Elsia Archer

Elsia has served for 20+ years on Council and was elected Shire President of Derby West Kimberley in 2001, a position she still holds to date. She has lived and worked in Derby since 1957 and is tireless in her many duties. Elsia chairs the Small Business Centre, Road Wise and is also the WA State representative on the Health Consumers for Rural & Remote Australia Committee. She has served as Kimberley representative on the Regional Development Council and in August 2010 was awarded life membership of W.A.L.G.A. for her outstanding contribution to local government.  As Deputy Chair Elsia’s role is to undertake the role of Chair when the Chair is absent, and support the Chair and Executive Officer.

Melissa Hartmann - Committee member

Melissa Hartmann holds a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Natural Resource Management (UWA) anda Master of Business Administration (UNE), and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

--- Melissa Hartmann

Melissa has extensive professional experience in the fields of natural resource management and environmental impact analysis, human resource management, business development, project management and strategy development.   Melissa is a director of KPP Business Development and since relocating to the Kimberley in 2007, Melissa has been heavily involved in supporting the development of Indigenous enterprises and organisations across the Region. This expertise led to her current appointment as Managing Director of Morrgul Pty Ltd, a not for profit organisation funded through the Browse Project Precinct Agreement to deliver business support to Aboriginal people and organisations in the Kimberley. Over the past 15 years, projects undertaken by Melissa have been consultative in nature and she has a broad range of experience in working with community, industry and government to achieve on-ground outcomes.

Susan Bradley - Committee Member--- Susan Bradley

Susan Bradley has lived in the Kimberley for over 40 years.  She is presently the Manager of Dunkeld Pastoral Company’s pastoral properties, Doongan and Theda in the North Kimberley. 

Susan has held many public and private board positions including the inaugural Chair of the Kimberley Development Commission, Chair of the Water Resources Development Strategy, Chair of the Ord Development Council, WA Councillor on the Northern Australian Development Council, Director of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, Councillor on the RFDS National Council, Shire President of Wyndham East Kimberley, President of the Kimberley Zone of the Country Shire Councils Association, Member of the Beef Strategy Team, Councillor on the State Planning Commission, and Chair of the Kimberley Regional Planning Study.   

Susan is a Justice of the Peace, a Member of the Children’s Court, a Marriage Celebrant and a Director of Kimberley Foundation Australia. Susan is also actively involved in the research of Australia’s pre-history and flora and fauna of the North Kimberley, and  scientific research relating to the protection of the Kimberley’s  wilderness and unique pristine environment.

Susan Murphy  - Committee Member

--- Susan Murphy

Susan was born in Derby in the Kimberley and after completing school began working for the Shire of Derby. From there she worked for the Department of Housing and later moved to the Pilbara region.  Susan has 25 years' experience as a State and Commonwealth Public Servant, where much of that time was   spent in Executive and Senior Management positions.

Susan has an extensive background in housing, youth, land and welfare and has long been an advocate for Aboriginal people across the state, holding a series of advisory positions at local and state levels.  Since leaving the public service, Susan has returned home to Derby and is employed as the Chief Executive Officer of Winun Ngari Aboriginal Corporation providing services to a number of local and remote communities across the West Kimberley.

Lynette (Jim) Craig - Committee Member--- Lynette Craig

Lynette arrived in Halls Creek as an Australian Inland Mission nurse some 30 years ago and has since worked as a nurse, hospital administrator and pastoralist.  Lynette has been an active member of various projects and community associations including the Isolated Children’s Parents Association and Shire of Halls Creek President.  Lynette’s strong commitment to the people, town and its surrounding areas will ultimately see many changes and ideals realised.

Chris Mitchell  Executive Officer

Chris Mitchell

Chris has lived in the Kimberley for over 33 years and knows the region well. He has held the position of Executive Officer of Regional Development Australia – Kimberley for eight years, and is passionate about regional development opportunities that benefit the regional community.  He is very active in the community through many organizations and committees. He is also a Governing Council member on the Kimberley Institute of Training (TAFE), a Ministerial appointee to the Rural and Remote Education Advisory Council, and a member of the Broome District Health Advisory Council.  A serving Shire Councilor for over 24 years with the Shire of Broome, he is currently the Broome Shire‘s representative on the Kimberley Zone of Council and a State Councilor. He also holds several WALGA positions as a State representative on a number of Emergency Management committees.