Energy Targets for Buildings Report

A new report supported by The Northern RDA Alliance including RDA Kimberley finds that strong energy targets for buildings could deliver emissions and power savings in Australia’s Top End.

Energy Savings

The report Built to Perform – An industry led pathway to a zero carbon ready building code developed by Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) and ClimateWorks Australia shows that Building Code improvements from 2022 onwards could result in energy bill savings by 2050 of:

  • $6 billion in Queensland
  • $430 million in the Northern Territory, and
  • $4 billion in Western Australia.

Emission Reductions

In addition, updating the Building Code from 2022 could reduce emissions by:

  • 19 million tonnes for Queensland
  • 2 million tonnes in the Northern Territory and
  • 10 million tonnes in Western Australia.

See the report here

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